Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at HKUST

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day at HKUST

Apr 26, 2012 Thursday

Organized by the Women Faculty Association of HKUST


May 5: Photos from the TODS Day are posted. Please complete an online survey (URL in your email) to give us feedback.
Apr 26: Detailed Program of the evening Puppet and Electroacoustic Music Performance.
Apr 25: Here is an updated grouping of the participating children based on preference and lab capacity, and a roster of the parent helpers (Big thanks for helping!)
Apr 23: Here is a short description of the music puppet show to be held at 8-9PM at LTH.
Apr 20: Here is an updated schedule. Grouping information will be posted in a few days.


Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® is a US-based program that promotes work-life balance and provides children an enriching educational experience by exposing them to the workplaces and jobs of their parents or guardians. The 2012 program will be on Thursday, April 26.

The Women Faculty Association (WFA) of HKUST is organizing this event at HKUST for the first time. Due to our limited experience and resources, we will accept up to 30 children of primary school age (roughly 5-12 years old) along with their accompanying adults for the program. We will give priority to WFA members and volunteer hosts of the activities of the day.


Our focus this year is Science and Engineering, given the HKUST work environment.

The following is a list of the activities for the day. Note that children will be accompanied by their adults all the time during the day and they may choose to skip any activity listed in the program.


The registration is full and thus closed on Apr 17 due to time, venue capacity, and resource constraints. If you are interested in some specific activities, e.g., the morning and afternoon single track sessions, and the evening music performance, please contact Qiong Luo at luo@ust.hk and see if we can accommodate your request. Thank you for your interest.

Resources for Parents/Guardians

A template of request for leave form to the school. Feel free to download it, fill it out, and submit it to the school of the participating child.


The organizing committee consist of the following members: Rashmi Adaval, Pascale Fung, Kei May Lau, Qiong Luo, Sujata Visaria, and Wenjing Ye. For inquiries, please contact Qiong Luo at luo@ust.hk.